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The tombs of Durog Gurog

In the mountains near the Dwarven town of Durog Gurog there are two old tombs of long forgotten Dwarven lords. The tombs have been plundered several times and now, without any treasure to steal, they lay empty and alone... Or so they seem.

Because behind some secret doors, the tombs hide some secrets that should remain forgotten, and in the deeps of the caverns under the tombs, an ancient evil is awakening...

A quick map done today while watching TV and thinking about D&D. Picture taken with my phone, quality could be better...

[![The tombs of Durog GThe tombs of Durog Gurogrg/content/images/2013/Dec/The_tombs_of_Durog_Gurog___Original___Big.jpg)

And here after a quick GIMP job :

[![The tombs of Durog GThe tombs of Durog Gurogrg/content/images/2013/Dec/The_tombs_of_Durog_Gurog___Big.jpg)

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