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The Monastery of Kharas

Not far from the Dwarven town of Durog Gurog lay the ruins of the ancient monastery of Kharas.

The sands of time have erased almost all traces of its history, and all that current Dwarven scholars can say about Kharas is that it was a small monastery of radical miner-priests who worshiped Ulaa, Dwarven goddess of Hills, Mountains, and Gemstone. According to such scholars, the sect founder had discovered a mighty artifact, the Heart of Ulaa, and created the community around it.

Nobody knows what happened to the monastery and its community, but the building and tunnels have been empty for decades, earning a reputation of haunted. The stonemanship of their builders was legendary, as the long abandoned monastery is still almost intact, and it was its military potential that made Mourga the Wild, chieftain of a tribe of Gnolls, choose Kharas as his new lair.

Since their arrival to Kharas, the Gnolls have gone bolder, and their attacks more savage. Their last raid has destroyed several farms near Durog Gurog, and the maimed bodies of their inhabitants have stricken fear and rage in the town. A bounty has been placed on the head of Mourga, and several adventurer bands have already tried to catch him without success.

What the villagers don't know is that Mourga has in his possesion the Heart of Ulaa, and that its might increases with the bloody sacrifices in each raid. If nobody stops him quickly, Mourga will soon become too powerful to be defeated...

A quick map done tonight while watching TV, as usual. Picture taken with my phone, I'm sorry about the quality.

The Monastery of Kharas

And here after a quick GIMP job :

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