Why did I get out?

After some days where I didn't find a moment for my projects, last night I was able to finish my TARDIS, at last!

As most objects in narizón version, one of my challenges was to alter its proportions to make it fit the big nosed guys while still being recognizable and looking good and practical on a miniatures game table.

Before begining, I searched inspiration by looking again at Airus' FANDIS, a gorgeous handmade narizón version of the TARDIS. Then I lauched Blender and I began to model it.

As the render of a lone TARDIS is a bit bland, I decided to make a small digital diorama for the pics on this post. I'm really looking forward to play my first game using my narizones, so I imagine a scene from that first game: poor Fourth Doctor getting out of the Tardis and coming face to face with three nasty looking Cybermen.

Why did I get out?

I sent the TARDIS model to Sculpteo and they gave me a quote of 40€, too expensive. I reworked the model (cutting it in parts and retouching walls) and I arrived to a price of 20€, not too bad. Working the STL models I've got a quote of 35€ for the five items in the diorama (the TARDIS, the Doctor and the three Cybermen).

Here you have a monochrome rendering of the diorama, I like it a lot:

Why did I get out?

What do you think?

By Horacio Gonzalez