Story Hour: 25 years after - Part 1

Hi reader, and welcome to this Story Hour!

Some thirty years ago, I was a rather introverted teenager who has just entered High School. By today's standards, I was a stereotypical geek: I was a good student, I loved tinkering with the family computer, I spent too much time reading fantasy books and comics, and I was an avid fan of RPGs.

In my Freshman year, I met a group of people that would have a deep influence in the coming years, and in becoming the person I’m today: Alfonso, Alfonso, Alfredo, Álvaro, Amelia, Lorenzo y María Luisa. We were all different, but also really similar. Alone we were misfits, geeks, nerds. Together we were something more, we were a band.

For years, we played together all Fridays after school. Lots of games, AD&D 2E more than any other, lots of settings, lots and lots of adventures, and a whole truckload of memories…

But life is life, University passed by there, girlfriends and boyfriends appeared, and our weekly adventures became more irregular. We played our last adventure together in 1996.

In 1999 I moved to France, a whole new life began. I got married, had a kid, divorced, finished a PhD, got a job, met my future wife, moved together, had three kids, got married…

Fast-forward to 2020. My only link with the old gang is a Whatsapp group with some sparse messages, but the Lockdown was going to change it all…

With the perspective of some weeks to spend indoors, and the anxiety-provoking context, lots of messages, memes and photos were exchanged. And then, a crazy idea: resurrect the old gang, take the dice play some RPG together, like in the old time…

After some discussions, five of us took up the challenge: Alfonso, Alfredo, Amelia, Maria Luisa and me as the DM. We spent some time preparing characters, and we gathered at last around Roll20 to begin a new D&D campaign almost 25 years after our last game.

This Story Hour is the tale of this campaign that began two months ago and is still ongoing.

By Horacio Gonzalez

Basic D&D

Hey, you, random stranger, do you want to play with me to this roleplaying game?

By Horacio Gonzalez