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Is there a Doctor in the room?

I remember clearly the day I got hooked into roleplaying games. I was 8 years old, and my cousin, who was 9, showed me a red box with a weird name: Dungeons & Dragons. And then he opened it and I saw some books, a bunch of bizarre dies and a couple of painted miniatures. I think it was the miniatures that made me want to try it, I couldn't keep my eyes out of them. Since then, I love roleplaying games, and I love miniatures.

Some years ago, I wanted to do my own minis, based on the works of Cels PiƱol, a Spanish comic writer. His characters, with a characteristic big nose, are usually called Narizones. So I began to sculpt my own Narizones, at the begining by hand, modelling putty. Later I began to model them digitally, with Blender and printing them in 3D with Shapeways or Sculpteo. You can see all my minis on my Spanish minis blog,

In the last months I hadn't found any time to create new minis, but last week I was able to squeeze some free time without any other thing to do, and I began my next miniature projets: some Narizones style miniatures for a Dr Who miniatures game.

And I began with Fourth Doctor, of course:

The 4th Doctor

I'm going to send him to the printer next week, along with some of the other Doctors I hope to finish by then...

What do you think? Comments? Suggestions?

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