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The pit of the Spider God

If the Gnolls living in the Monastery of Kharas or the ancient evils lying in the Tombs of Durog Gurog haven't made your adventurers party wish to quit the county, here you have a third dungeon that will test their endurance... and their sanity.

The cliffs of the shore between Durog Gurog and the Dwarven city of Kriranag Gurog had always got a bad reputation, its numerous caves were used as lairs by smugglers, bandits and other law-dodging people. At least, that was the situation until a year ago, when Father Araigne, a mysterious religious leader, and his congregation decided to choose the area as their home. Nobody knows how they did, but the formed inhabitants of the caves disappeared quickly after the arrival of the holy men.

Local people was happy, it was better to have a bunch of eccentric monks as neighbors than a gag of smugglers. When some animals went missing, nobody made the link with the congregation, but when the first children began to disappear, people grew suspicious. After the fifth missing child, some villagers decided to visit the monks and ask some questions... but they never came back. The villagers believe the monks are behind all those disappearances, and they fear the situation will go worse if nothing is done. So they called their last hope, the A-team adventurers party.

What will adventurers find in the caves? A congregation of mad cultists, led by a mad priest with a mad nefarious plan: to summon a long forgotten spider god. And for it they need to feed him with blood, with lots of blood. Children blood is good for it, but adventurer's blood will do it too.

In the upper part of the dungeon, there are the living quarters of the congregation, where the twenty something cultists live. The lower part, behind a secret door or a small hanging bridge, there are a far more sinister set of rooms and corridors, today filled with giant spiders, the daughters of the spider god. He lives in the pit on the farthest room, to weak to fully manifest in the prime plane, but strong enough to offer a good challenge for the party.

Here you have the dungeon of The pit of the Spider God :

The pit of the Spider God

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